Maliha Tasnim, website creator

Hello to everybody! I’m Maliha, and I major in biochemistry. I enjoy immersing myself in the world of the visual arts outside of college and painting whenever I have the chance.  Because of my passion, I took the position of website manager and am taking advantage of the chance to showcase the work that our class has produced as the project that demonstrates our knowledge of New York City’s party culture. I hope you enjoy what we put together for you!

Adriana Doctor

Hello there! My name is Adriana Doctor. I major in psychology with the hope to minor in performing arts. My goal was to destigmatize party culture in regard to black people in America. So much of black history makes popular culture, yet the struggles of those who composed mainstream media are minimized and forgotten; my paper aims to debunk those misconceptions while opening up the conversation to black voices on the matter.

Anisa Siddikova

Hello my name is Anisa Siddikova and I am a Biology major at Hunter College. In elementary school, there was a program in my school called dancing classrooms which taught us various different ballroom dance styles, such as merengue, foxtrot, tango, swing, and rumba. Because of this program, I developed a love for dancing which was why I decided to do my project on Salsa and Bachata. 

Anna Ponomarev

My name is Anna Ponomarev and I am a prospective Biochemistry major. Some of my interests include singing and making instrumental music. That is actually what inspired my project. I spend so much time working with music–listening to it and making it–that I was inspired to know how the rest of NYC felt about it.

Ayen Mihidukulasuriya

Hello! My name is Ayen Mihidukulasuriya, and I am a Biochemistry Major at Hunter College. As an immigrant, I experienced first hand the impact of rich people moving into a very middle class neighborhood, and that is what prompted me to do my research article on this issue of gentrification.

Bijay Thapaliya

Hi! I’m Bijay Thapaliya, and I’m currently majoring in Biology with a minor in behavioral
neuroscience at Hunter. I’m originally from Dhading, Nepal, but I’ve lived in NYC ever since I was six. Science has always been a huge passion of mine, and in addition to my love for
teaching and learning, I am also an avid runner. I was drawn to this project because it not only involves content analysis, data visualization, and qualitative interpretation but also allows me to broaden my understanding about music and explore its ties to the topic of gender and sexuality.

Christopher Lim

Hello! My name is Christopher Lim and I am a prospective theatre major! I am passionate about the performing arts and love Broadway musicals. I hope to make the arts accessible for all which inspired this project!

Elizabeth Louie

My name is Elizabeth, and I’m majoring in biology. I like crafting, drawing, and learning trivia in my free time. Parties are as much about the people as they are about the event itself. I wanted to analyze the language of invitations in order to better understand what hosts advertise about their parties, and who they welcome at their events.

Homayra Nabilah

Hello! My name is Homayra Nabilah, and I am a first year student majoring in biochemistry at Hunter College. I am interested in learning about different cultures and cuisines, and I am always down to explore new places. My inspiration for this project was my skepticism that people were actually willing to give up the city life that provides them with an alternate reality during the
night when everyone everywhere else is supposedly asleep. I wanted to dive deeper into the nightlife business that only seemed to disappear on the surface but continued underground.

Jatin Kapoor

I am Jatin Kapoor, a freshman in Macaulay Hunter College, and I am majoring in computer science. My interests include watching and playing soccer, watching movies, and exploring different types of food. My inspiration behind this project was many of my friends from high school, because although I am able to get a full tuition thanks to Macaulay, I have many friends who have a lot of tuition to pay and have to cover debt, thus the inspiration for this project.

Jimmie Cassamajor

Hi everyone, my name is Jimmie Cassamajor and I am a freshman in my second semester at Hunter College within the Macaulay Honors program. I am a Psychology major and minoring in sociology. 

Lynda Irizarry

Hi, my name is Lynda Irizarry and I am studying music and theater at Hunter College through the Macaulay Honors Program! I like to write songs, cuddle with my dog, and play Dungeons and Dragons. My research project looks at what sorts of parties attract the queer demographic of New York City and why. I interviewed four queer people of different generations/life stages so as to see the evolution of queer people’s feelings toward partying across time. 

Wagiha Mariam

Hello! My name is Mariam and I’m interested in pursuing an Economics or maybe a Computer Science degree. I enjoy reading, thrifting, and hanging out with my friends. I also really like to watch different movies, which made this a really fun assignment for me.

Roselio Ortega

Hi, my name is Ross, it’s short for Roselio. I’m currently majoring in Computer Science. My interests boil down to three things: gaming, coding, and working out. Everything else is pretty minor in comparison. The only inspiration I had for this project was because I like rap, but I like music in general.

Selina Zheng

Hi, I’m Selina Zheng, a freshman at Hunter College. I’m an English major who, surprise, enjoys reading. My inspiration for this project came from a very simple source – conversations with my friends. We had been talking about the different ways in which people present themselves to others in different situations. I thought it would be interesting to explore that topic in tandem with parties. Since they’re a major source of social activity I wanted to see how people would adapt in that setting. 

Somia Maati

Hey there! My name is Somia Maati. I am currently a human biology major on a pre-dental
track. One of my goals as a dentist is to provide a safe space for all my patients regardless of their background. Through this project, I wanted to highlight disparities in healthcare, especially during the time of Covid-19 as a reminder that health disparities do exist and they should be properly dealt with in order for people to be able to prioritize their health.

Victoria Dynak

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m majoring in Computer Science. I enjoy traveling, creating, and meeting new people. After discovering this event on social media, I decided it was very fitting for the theme of parties and nightlife in NYC; therefore, I decided to narrow in on the topic of frat culture.

Maxim Petrov

My name is Maxim and I’m majoring in computer science. I like having lots of fun and long walks on the beach. After learning what effects listening to music can have on a person, I was inspired to seek out an environment where I can see those effects play out. And there is no better play to do so than a party. 

Ayayo Orwa